We’re delighted to see that you’re considering sharing the joys of research with us! We are always looking for undergraduate and graduate students to work with us in the areas of human-robot interaction and ethics of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

When it comes to decisions about going to grad school (hiring grad students), it’s important that you and I are a good match. Once you start, we will be working together very closely for at least 2 years (for M.Sc.) and 4 years (for Ph.D.).


  • Interpersonal skills: We highly value interpersonal skills in my students. Only those who are friendly, happy, helpful, with strong teamwork skills are encouraged to apply.
  • Intellectual curiosity: We value curiosity and the courage to ask interesting questions. Questions that start with “what if we did…?” can lead to an interesting exercise of building something novel. Questions that start with “Is it really the case that…” can lead to critical thinking that sparks a new study.
  • Interdisciplinarity & Inclusivity: Our research program is highly interdisciplinary, and my research group aims to provide an inclusive research environment for everyone. It has room for people with various backgrounds, such as policy, ethics, psychology etc., and of course technical backgrounds (electrical, computer science, data science, mechatronics, mechanical). I also encourage indigenous students, LGBTQ+ students, and students of other minority groups to apply.
  • Technical skills: Training in robotics, controls, signal processing, human factors, psychology, machine learning are very valuable. Even if you do not have formal training in technical disciplines, I value evidence of proactive and hands-on attitude towards them. Completion of online and other forms of self-training in technical areas are all good signs.


For detailed information on how to contact Dr. Moon, available positions in the lab and other relevant information please refer to Dr. Moon’s main guidelines for prospective students. This is a super detailed guideline and we recommend that you follow through to show your keen interest to join our lab.