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The Responsible Autonomy and Intelligent Systems Ethics (RAISE) lab is an interdisciplinary group that investigates how interactive intelligent machines influence human behavior and explore ways to maximize their benefits while minimizing risks to society.

We explore questions such as “How do our interaction with machines influence our behaviors and decisions?” and “How can we better integrate our values in the design of intelligent machines that influence us in a variety of ways?”


The Responsible Autonomous & Intelligent System Ethics (RAISE) lab at McGill
University, directed by Dr. AJung Moon,
studies how autonomous intelligent
systems interact with and influence human
decisions and behaviour. We explore ways
to maximize the value of robots and other intelligent machines while minimizing their risks to society. Through research in AI
ethics and collaborative ...

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Faculty AJung Moon McGill University
| ajung.moon[at]mcgill.ca | Website AJung Moon is an experimental roboticist specializing in ethics and responsible
design of interactive robots and AI systems.
As an Assistant Professor at McGill, she
directs the Responsible Autonomy & Intelligent System Ethics (RAISE) lab at the
University. This means that she not only
works on the cool tech behind ...

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Prospective Students

We’re delighted to see that you’re
considering sharing the joys of Research
with us! We are always looking for undergraduate and graduate students to
work with us in the areas of human-robot interaction and ethics of artificial
intelligence and machine learning. When it comes to decisions about going to grad
school (hiring grad students), it’s important that you and I are ...

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